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Kids Fire Safety Tips

Some fires are okay, like when your parents start one in the fireplace or cook outside on a grill. But fire can be dangerous. It can hurt you and get out of control quickly.

It's easy to be fire safe. By being on the lookout for things that can cause fires and knowing what to do in case of one, you can help keep your family safe. Here is some advice on how you can be fire safe.

  • Be on the lookout for anything that could start a fire. Watch out for:
  • Matches and lighters
  • Old and worn-out electrical cords
  • Too many cords in a wall socket
  • Candles burning in an empty room

If you see something that you think could start a fire, don't touch it and tell an adult right away. You can ask an adult to put matches and lighters away, blow out candles, replace old electrical cords and move hot objects away from things that could catch on fire.

Another way to stay fire safe is to be prepared. Remember to:

  • Remind your parents to check smoke detectors often to make sure they work right and to change the batteries. If you don't have a smoke detector near your bedroom, ask your parents to put one in.
  • Plan a fire escape route and practice it. Find two different ways of leaving each room in your house, and agree with your family on a safe place to meet outside. Remember if there is a fire, stay low to the floor, get out as fast as you can, and stay outside of your house.